The Montego Collection - Jerk Pepper
Montego Jerk Pepper Sauce
Montego Joe’s famous Jerk Pepper Sauce is making a name for itself from coast to coast. Made with real Scotch Bonnet chili peppers imported from the islands. Joe’s secret recipe is a real kick of a sauce on steaks, tuna, and pork tenderloin. Adds exotic flavor to pasta, salmon, shrimp, pizza, and baked potatoes.

One taste of my famous Jerk Pepper Sauce and you’ll agree that there’s nothing else quite like it. So try some soon and you’ll be a “Jerk Lover” too! Available in cases of 12/12oz plastic bottles or half cases of 6.
Full Cs- 11 & GET ONE FREE - 55.79
Half Cs- 6 AT 3.39 EACH - 32.84
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